New game - Watering Hole - Hard


We have one slot available for a new game (not started). Bunch of us who post on another forum but we are struggling to fill the last seat. Can you drop me a PM if interested and I will send link and password.

We’ve played about 8 games or so. We’re not green but not ace either.


You’ll probably get more traction if you just post the link & password here. Anyone going to the effort to find games on the forums is probably going to be fine (in that they won’t afk), but adding another level of difficulty (figuring out how to PM) is probably just driving people away.

Ok thanks for the advice DrB…

The reason for the PM was we are almost all uk or GMT based so we don’t want the game to start when we’re all asleep.

The game will get paused at night.

Password: blahblah