New Heroes and Updates


We’ve changed out a couple of the Heroes that have been waiting for powers for a while and added / boosted some other powers.

If you had the Alpine Hunter (Human), you will now have Blind Justice:

If you had the Alpine Scout (Dwarf), you will now have the Merchant Banker:

The Dispeller (Elf), is now a High Elf:

And the Icelord (Goblin) has a new power Blizzard:

We’ve also gone over some of the race strength buffs to make them a bit more useful:

Enchantress does -4 to all Immortals in 2 leagues, cost 8 Mana.
Spirit Shaman does +5 Humans / -5 Orcs in 4 leagues, cost 10 Mana.
Woodland Bard does +4 Elves / -4 Goblins in 4 leagues, cost 8 Mana.
Blood Shaman does +6 Orcs / -6 Humans in 4 leagues, cost 12 Mana.
Pirate Captain does +3 Goblins / -3 Elves in 5 leagues, cost 6 Mana.


A couple of things:

  1. Can you add a changelog or something out there? It would be nice to see the iterations and changes over time. It would also be useful to have a single place to look at what the latest updtaes look like.

  2. Seeing as you eliminated a lot of those cards with no text and replaced them with cards with actual abilities – this is awesome.

  3. Icelord – what does “slower” mean? Can you detail that on the card so its less ambiguous? 1/2 speed? 1/3 speed? Something else?


The change log is in the public Trello board here

Slower is a little tricker, we need a better way to describe it. There is a table of speeds that go something like Slow, Normal, Brisk, Fast ect ect. And the speed buffs push you one step on this chart.


Changelog! Awesome.

That goes in the FAQ…


Blind Justice may have a “win-more” ability, because I image you’d only want to spend 24 mana on it only when you have at least 50 valour. And when do you have 24 mana hanging out to spend on a 500 strength attack? It may only happen when you’re already winning and don’t really need the ability anyway, only as a fun attack. Just my 2 cents


Its a cooperation card. You can get all your buddies to send you their valour for a time, shoot the ability, then return the valour (or not). With an insane 20 league range, it looks like its made to have the ability to hit targets the group prioritizes (and thus why they send you their valour).


Yes, that’s right Praetorian :smile:

It’s designed to be to help someone else out, to get people passing resources around, and for a late game smash attack to help speed things up at the end.