New interface for Settlements


A new interface for settlements now live. We had feedback that it was weird to have a card. What do you think?


I like it! The information is much more concise. I’m still curious though. Could there be a function to grow the amount of villagers? I feel like in harder levels of the game, a player won’t have enough soldiers on the front lines to defend against zombies. Perhaps the point is to make the player plan their logistics long-term, but I don’t think this is good for end-game. I’m thinking perhaps a growth rate could alter what towns the player would want. For example, Humans could have a 10% growth rate, but their armies are not as strong in comparison to their cost. Just my 2 cents. If this idea pulls through, I have others that will link to growth rate.


In the first game version of the game the towns slowly grew, but it created a few problems in the design.

Firstly I wanted the people left alive in the map to be a high score that players could be proud of. I also wanted to have a total fixed number of zombies. Even though the game is co-op, I want friends to be able to compete to get the best score they can.

In the first version players would farm zombies in games that never ended. There were games that lasted years because one or two players just liked farming zombies. They would let the zombies move around the map and grow, but only so much, then they would clear an area and let the tows grow back up.

Thier score was based on zombies killed in that game and it could be basically infinite.

I like the simplicity and clarity of people that die and never come back.

Now, having said that, I am planing and elf character that will restore mana wells. And I also think there might be characters that can mobilise the civilians in a village and move them very slowly across the map into a new village, or to restore a dead one.

But I’m keen to keep the population constant!