New Low Score


I would like to draw attention to this fabulous low score record for this map. Mind you, it is a low score with an actual win, not just a low score. It took us a glorious 26 days and 4 hours to get here; we should have outright lost it a week or so earlier, but we pulled through (Knights and Artillery are awesome).


Oh that’s the map where North East and South West have zombie outbreaks and is a massive pain to reach the other end. Congratulations on the low clear haha. I’m guessing you guys used a lot of body burning strategies to keep yourself from being overwhelmed?

Can you post the game ID so I can see the aftermath of it?


Sure. Here is the game:

Actually, we did not, that was the problem. The cities fell quickly without much resistance, recruiting, body burning or even good use of range/hero abilities. It was ugly. I think only two cities weren’t blighted but we recruited them dry as we made our last stand. Mana was a huge problem since the wells fell somewhat quickly to the overwhelming numbers. I had to be miserly with my ranged attacks (ignoring my archers and only using artillery) and then quickly convert the valor from the results back into mana. Towards the end that started to ease up as my being miserly was netting me a couple of extra mana each time. Since we had so many zombies, including many elven zombies, the Ents were a problem. I had to save them for near the end so I could remove the elven zombie population first. Also near the end, we had a 28k strong human zombie army roaming around that fort. I used Knights and a weird AI archer obsession to hold those two off until we were ready.