New Map - Swiftwind

Another single race map going up on the server.

It was tough but I beat it this morning with just 30% left alive. I’m sure you guys will do better than me. I’m also going to be fixing some bugs today that will make it easier. Elf bows and Soul Drain will give you valour for example.

did a little better the second time.

I just did a play through of this map. While the percentages were low, I found the map pretty easy. Racing the Woodland Assassins North to capture towns above the river was key to keeping all the battles on the NW quad of the map.

One problem I discovered was that I couldn’t bank enough to keep numbers up. I kept having to send out low-count Elves to capture towns to a) add $ and b) add troops.

The thing that really saved my ass on this map was using the Tanglewood guy to keep the Zombie Ents at bay until their +14 bonus faded and then would let them hit my settlements. Also I would have the Elves fire arrows at all the Zombie Elves to whittle their numbers down.

Overall it was fun and fast.

Jay, I’m not sure if you have a way to replay the game from some developer console, but if you want here is the url - Blight of the Immortals

Thanks for testing it out!