New Map Type: Robot Horde

Option: create a map with a default AI player that cannot be claimed by a human. The AI player has 50%+ of the stars and dominated the middle of the map. The players starts on the fringes. Victory is as normal.

Reasons: My friends and I are generally the cooperative sort. We have discussed puposefully manipulating a map and a player so that the conquer a LOT of stars, then they quit on purpose to create a massive AI the other players band together to fight.

It would be a bit like Blight style game play with Triton’s mechanics.

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Once Blight is up and going I’ll be turning my attention to the NP AI with the intention of making it fun enough to play against in single player. Then we’ll do lots fun things like this.


I agree but make it so that the win conditions are if AI takes over and all players are KO’d or if the AI is KO’d.

This is an old thread that just popped up - I talk in this thread about using password’ed games (which you can “force start” so AI’s fill in the spots) to accomplish what the OP was asking for.

Not quite. The OP is asking for a set-up whereby the AI (i.e. one AI) starts with an advantage of some kind - more stars, higher tech, etc., and then the players must work together to stop them. An NP multiplayer cooperative game. I suggested something like this myself more recently on another thread so naturally I support this idea. :smiley:

@SteveLawUK - If that is so, is it possible to force a formal alliance between all players and to make that alliance unretractable?

This sort of thing isn’t possible yet but I’d love to see these kinds of options down the line. Jay is working on a map editor for NP and this opens up so many possibilities of special game set-ups and scenarios (if the depth of options were there to allow it). Even on it’s own the map editor will open a lot of new possibilities.