New multiplayer maps?


First, this is a great game. Thanks.

I was wondering how often (if ever) new multiplayer maps are added. I see a few maps labeled “New”. How new is new? I would love an 8 player map. There’s a big gap between 6 players and 12. I have about 8 friends who are interested in this game, and it’s a shame to exclude some due to a 6 player limit.


First, I agree with you that it’s a great game! :wink:
Regarding the issue of updates, I am sorry to inform you that this game is no longer in active development, and no work has been done on it for some time.
The developer has moved on, and I don’t believe they have any further plans for this game. Therefore, it appears that we will have to make do with the game as it is, until we possibly get bored with it.
Good luck! I hope against hope this game is revived. :sweat_smile:

I just started my first two multiplayer games. A 3 person and a 4 person. Also just started the Human campaign. Try the 12 player game, have your 8 friends join, and open it up to 3-4 random players.