New Option on Stars Per Player Menu


I’ve been discussing this with a few people, and I’d really like the following option added to the Total stars per player.

Stars Per Player 1

Why? Because I love 64 player games, but they can take months to complete.

What I want is 32 players, fighting over 32 worlds. No starting resources, only cash. No one being able to attack with out the risk of being wiped out themselves. Everything I need is in place, apart from the starting star option.Carnage? Yes please!


Sounds interesting. Many would be dependent on your position since the first to attack for a long time is surely to die and it would have huge impact on the whole game where is the first battle. Would be interesting how alliances and people interact in such a crowded galaxy.


How about a setting for 2, 3, 4 & 5 stars per player as well while we are looking at small games.


Do you know what would make this game idea even more insane… 24T turns!


All good ideas!


This could be as bad (or good) as the diplomacy variant where there is one area per player, every area has a RC, and every area is connected to every other area.

I have a vague memory of it being called Platonic Ideal Diplomacy or something like that.


I’ve been thinking about all the options on the game creation screen lately.

I would like to support all kinds of wacky, different options, but I worry that if the games are open to everybody, new players who don’t know the game very well will stumble into a game that is really diffrent and may or may not be very fun.

How would you guys feel if I enabled these kinds of things, but when you selected them it forces the game to be for premium players only. That way only experienced players would be able to get into them and have a much better understanding of what the tweaked feature might do to the gameplay.



I would be ok with that and from your point of view it may encourage further premium sign ups.

Maybe game creation should only be for premium players.


Unless it changed lately, game creation is a Premium feature.


I see the argument. Perhaps a criteria for joining custom games? Maybe you have to complete 2 normal games before you can join them? Or have 1 ranking point?


Also there should be a [size=40]BIG FAT (RED)[/size] sign saying that this game is dangerous and may cause butthurts.

Anyway, however I like this idea (I myself wanted to play a game like this), it is really about who attacks first (and get’s wiped out first). We would need to turn off the defender bonus, or actually add an attacker bonus to encourage attacks, otherwise everyone would just sit and wait for others.


So there are now LESS options in the stars per player menu. 48 has been removed.


Could you tweak that to premium-only or password-protected? I play with a group of 6 friends – at least half of us are premium, but it would be nice to create fun setups among the friends. The password should allow you to make sure nobody stumbles into a weird setup.


Personally, I’d start weaponry at level 2. Make it slightly fairer.


Rather than limit it to Premium only players - you could force the game creator to set a password on the game. Then there isn’t a way for people to accidentally stumble in to a wacky game and you can still have non-premium friends join.


I did think of this, but if I forced a password people would just including the password in the game description.


Yes, but it makes it slightly harder for a new person to accidentally join a custom game if they need to enter a password. And I may be wrong, but passworded games don’t show up in the public games list, do they?

Out of interest Jay - do you have data on which game types people play their first games? Ie - public games vs custom games? I would imagine that most new people get invited by someone else to join a particular game.


Right Andy, the custom games with passwords don’t show up there, so either they get advertised here or directly to the intended players. If you are coming here and reading advertisements for custom games, you really should be expected to read the description and look at the settings.

Maybe alter the “Password Required” screen to list all changed custom settings above the box for entering the password.


Yes, that’s my point. Jay’s concern is that new player will accidentally stumble into a wacky custom game - but if it has a password that’s pretty unlikely.


I think it’s best if you just automatically put a warning in the game description such as “Warning: Wildly different rules. Do not join if you are inexperienced” or something like that.
About the premium only, not all free players are inexperienced. I’m not a premium player, but I consider myself relatively experienced, having won a 64p game and leading another.