New Pathfinding Function


I pushed a new change to the pathfinding and eta calculation function today because some observant players had noticed that the etas were jumping around and were inaccurate when units were moving across two different move speed terrains.

Anyhow, it ended up taking a full day to fix and went down into some really complex code, so if you see any strangeness let me know.


Definite strangeness. Found three things that brought me here to report before bed, as they seem pretty bad:

  1. My units are now reporting an eta of the full 1 league travel time when given new orders (even to their original destination) between waypoints. Not sure whether this gets fixed when they take steps or not, or whether they do indeed suffer extra travel time if reordered between waypoints.
  2. I had a unit nearly at a waypoint that I wanted to turn around and go elsewhere. Sending it back to the waypoint directly behind it was fine (problem 1 notwithstanding), but adding a second waypoint to the route caused it to try to path through the nearby waypoint before turning around.
  3. The unit mentioned in 2 was in swamp, and the intended destination (behind) was in plain, with no road. The Goblin army being moved shows a 4.5h ETA rather than the expected ~5.25h.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ve just done another release that might fix these issues. Would be interested to know if you see them again.

If not, i’ll have a look first thing tomorrow morning. (its nearly 7pm here. )


OK, I just uploaded a new build, I normally dont like to push new code to the server at 9:30 at night but I think this was a serious issue.

When troops were “following” a leader they were breaking the path. Should be fixed now.

edit: There is one remaining issue where, if you turn around 180 on a path, the timer will be wrong until the sever responds. For a few seconds the eta will be off. I’ll fix that tomorrow.


I’m seeing the “remaining” issue you described; but not encountering any of the other problems any more. Sorry to keep you at work so late!


I experienced the same bug involving a unit wanting to go back to a previous waypoint, when moving beyond more than 1 point. (#2 on his list).


Bug #2 has returned (going to the “forward” waypoint before turning around). I haven’t seen the others since your fix though.



Can you help me out with a recipe to reproduce! Unit kind, followers, terrain types ect ect.


Just had a problem, hit a zombie stack with hounds a short while before they would hit a pond, i then couldn’t get info on the unit to see if it had worked.
Checked on it shortly after and they had finished their move and taken pond.


hrm, does he have the buff on him?


I should also mention that he was a follower to a boss that i had killed 6 min earlier. not sure if this caused the problem


he seems to have a red warning symbol on him, does that mean anything?


I think that’s a new symbol that shows that a unit is under the effect of some compulsion effect.

I’m going to mess around in single player to see if I can do exactly that. Building repro steps in MP is tough haha.


Yeah, I would really appreciate your effort on it. Fixing a tiny but has turned into a 2 day epic.


Have you been seeing this bug very much over the last couple of days. Is it still an issue I should be searching for?


I haven’t seen it in the last couple days, but I haven’t had a chance to play much either. Didn’t even get in a Tournament entry this week! :frowning: