New Player - Help with Intel

Hey all!
New player just starting out with the game, already joined two - in over my head? maybe…

I think I’ve figured out most everything, but there’s one thing I’m still pretty mystified about. What is the Intel tab? I thought it would have info on it once the game started, but it’s still blank. Data pending? What does that mean? Thanks for the help. Loving the game so far.


PS I’m also seeing you can go into the console to find out your coordinates. How do I access the console? Cheers.

The Intel charts needs maybe about 6 ticks after game start to begin plotting.

This game was intended to be played without opening the browser console.

Yes but how do you open it :wink:
Thanks for the help w/ intel

Yeah Intel updates every 6 ticks. Which can lead to some quirky results in turn-based games with 8-tick turns.

Edit: What I mean is that if you get an upgrade on tick 32 and the turn ends on turn 32, the intel screen will show up to turn 30, and you won’t see your upgrade if you got it on turn 31 or 32.

Accessing the web browser console can be dangerous, and should only be performed by advanced users who have web coding skills. Done improperly, you can damage the contents of your game data or game code, compromise web page performance which may or may not be recovered from a web page reload, damage the browser which may require reinstalling, or increase security vulnerabilities or potentially damage the PC or computing device which may require extraordinary maintenance or repairs.

If you are competent coder, then it can become an issue of gaming unfairness & ethics. It is easier to avoid these problems & use other alternative methods.

Try some of these tools :
Please beware, some of these may be out of date or not maintained, but some of these may still work. Also a lot of image files in the forum have disappeared for unknown reasons.

There may be other tools that I missed. Search around in the forum.