New Player Q's: Carrier Capacity, Private Games


I attempted to find answers to my questions by searching the Codex and this forum. I failed, which surprised me! ha ha

  1. How many ships can one carrier carry anyhow?

  2. Private Games: searching the forum yielded the fact that you can force start a game, and I came across numerous mentions of the term “private game”. Can a game indeed be made private? I saw no option for this on the game creation screen.

Thank you for your time!

Heelo GreenBeing,

A carrier has no limit to how many ships it can carry

Yes you can have private games with passwords required etc. but I think you need to have a premium account to unlock all the features (might be wrong about that though).

Thank you for your answers, Myk.

To create a game you need a premium account. And yes, you can set a password for the game to become the Game Admin. Furthermore, only players who know the password can join the game.

So, it is possible to create a ‘private game’.

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