New player question: Research completes at same time of attack?

I have an attack that is going to hit one of my stars at the exact same time that Weapons research is suppose to complete for the next level. Will the Weapons research be the next level at the time of attack?


No, the attack will happen first. Then the weapons update and the production of ships.

Thank you for the answer. This is good to know, because now I know I need to purchase a Science upgrade as soon as I get the funds. This will save my star, and some ships of course. Thanks again.

No worries, the full order is:

(from the FAQ)
What order do things happen each game tick?

All carriers move, and if they complete a jump they do garrison transfers.
There is a combat at every star with enemy carriers in orbit. The winner claims the star.
Industry then produces new ships.
Each player conducts research.
If this is the last tick of a galactic cycle, players earn money, then scientists conduct experiments.
The game tests to see if anybody has won.

Hmm…So I bought 1 Science but my research time did not decrease. So, it appears I wasted that money, because in the past I have purchased Science and seen an instant reduction in research time. Not sure what happened?

It isn’t a waste of money it just might not pay off until later. It depends on how many points left to the next level vs. how many science you have as to whether you’ll see an instant time reduction.

However, more science is more science, you just might not see real gains until you’ve bought another 2, 3 or 15 science. The one you just bought is always an investment to build on.

Good point. I guess what I mean is I bought the science to save the star and ships, and that failed. Now, if I would have added the science on the same star I just lost, then it would have been a waste. Thankfully, I did not do that. This is my first ever game here though, so I’m learning.


You’re asking the questions though that’s the main thing. :wink: Good luck.

It might be beneficial to calculate the remaining time it would take to complete the tech before buying science, especially if control of a star is in question. Take the remaining points left and divide them by your total science output, then do it again but add one to your total and see if if changed. If it doesn’t change the time, then you can decided whether it would be better to buy industry or economy instead. Same thing goes with industry. Many a time I have calculated my ship output on a star and upgraded my industry just enough to successfully defend an attack.

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Good stuff. Thank you.

An addition to the order of events list. A reply to a question of mine indicates that all carriers will process drop orders before any process collect orders. This means if two carriers hit a star at the same tick and move on, you can rely on ships transferring without having to delay the collecting carrier.

How high was your science when you added one?
To not see a difference of at least one hour suggests very high science to start with.