New player


Hi everyone, i’m a new player and i wanted to make some friends in this game. I tried it out after seeing the Pc gamer Best strategy games article and bought lifetime after the first 2 hours of gameplay. I want to get involved with the comunity here because i can’t get any of my IRL friends to try this game.


Welcome to the game then!

The best way to get to know people is to play with people. Play a bunch of games at a time, be a good player, be gracious while winning and while losing, be honorable in your dealings with others.

When I say good player, I don’t mean strategically though that is part of it. It believe that it is better to play a game that is enjoyable with and against like minded players than to always play for the win. Sure, it’s important to aim for first place but when an ally pulls ahead of you then play the support position rather than double cross them.

If you encounter people that you enjoy playing with then make sure to invite them to play the next game that you get involved with.


Hi Doploctor, welcome to the board :open_hands:

To add to Necronos’ comments, I’d say always get involved talking to the players in game… not everyone is responsive, but I’ve met at least 1 interesting character in each game I’ve ever played.

Also, look out for community posted game on this board, or create your own custom game and invite board members to join.


Thanks guys, i was playing a really fun game with a guy named CaSrBa and him and i were doing really good roleplaying together, but just yesterday every player in the game quit at the same time is there a way to talk to players once you’ve left the game?

also how do you guys keep up with more than one game and still live, i’m playing 4 and really only care about one right now. also i’ve noticed that it feels like you can lose the game at world generation how do you get around that


Turn based games are great for that, you only have to look at them once a day, when everyone has submitted their turn, or when the clock runs out (24 hrs is standard) then the game progresses 8 hrs or it can be different in custom games, have your next turn!


Yes, you might be in a lousy position when the game begins but I encourage you to play it still. Every game is an opportunity to learn more about the game, to test new tactics, to try new diplomatic strategies. If you can’t win then at least try to get in the top three and get some Rank out of it.

I played a game where I was in 5th until the last 3 days where I managed to climb to 2nd. I used diplomacy to keep attackers at bay ( I simply asked them to stop attacking me since I was weak and they were strong ). I had a terrible placement and it took me until Hyper 4 just to reach my closest neighbor but by staying with it I managed to learn a lot and get 4 Rank out of it.


Is there any way to report hackers?

Cause not all people are nice in the game :frowning:


You can always email me directly.