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Hello all. I have a question for you experienced Neptune players. I have been playing for 6 months now. I have come across many individuals interested in the game but not sure where to start and how to learn the game. I myself almost quit but thankfully there was a man generous enough to teach me some pointers and share advice. Now I join 64 man games and standard games but see too many new players vs the already experienced players. They are totally unaware of the aspects of the game. I am asking you experienced players to maybe think of a cool idea or event where we can get these new players and those inexperienced to learn the game and maybe have a veteran mentor or guide. Maybe a custom game half of new players and half of experienced players where the experienced players sort of coach the others and help them with attacks and strategy. I think it would be cool to teach a new group the game and have some other minds attempting to play as I feel like I play the same folks over and over. I’m not sure if that makes sense but I’m sure someone is catching on to my idea. Please share and come up with some ideas! Thanks!!! I see no point in creating new alliances and expanding with other players when I normally see those experienced always allied and thriving together!

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A custom game could be done fairly easily with some of the people that have special permissions. If the map was “open start” you could pair off a “new” and “experienced” player to start next to each other as a team and work together.

The hardest part would be finding the new players and getting them to join, as there’s not really a way to contact them except in game.

I see. I was thinking at the start of every game for example the 64 man games to message those under a certain rank Proposing the idea. It would obviously take some time to arrange but I totally think I could find the participants

just an FYI, if you are new, just ask one of the experienced players in a game for pointers. I don’t mind the questions. and I am sure most others don’t either.


The thing is… So many of the low ranked people in 64p games are inactive and go AFK. I’ve partnered with low ranked active people in the past and helped them out and very happy to do it. But working out who is going to stick around is problematic.

I started playing in March, and was lucky to have some experienced and courteous vets in the first few games I played (JTK stands out) to give me some pointers. The community feel in the game so far seems great (says the noob who just discovered the forum). I guess the two most important lessons I took on early were 1) integrity in your diplomatic relations, and 2) recognizing the the entire economic aspect is basically your ability to build and protect a compounding return on investment so you can buy all the other shit you need.

Someone who doesn’t get compound growth won’t do well and probably won’t have fun. Someone who throws around weight that they don’t have probably won’t have fun. Someone who acts like a dick unnecessarily probably won’t have fun. Within those boundaries though, the rest can probably be learned easily enough while enjoying oneself.

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Pretty decent analysis I’d say :slight_smile: