New private game

Trying to get another run at ‘Iron Crown’ on normal difficulty. Also hoping to do a little better this time around.

Looking for active players only please.

The password is…

Wait for it…

As Dex pointed out to me… helps if I include the link…

Waiting on two more to start.

I joined!

I joined as well. Trolls are very slow…

Agreed, but that was a nice move with your Tangle Mage.

Thanks. Any tips for running trolls?

The trolls should see plenty of action. The elves are fast and the orcs on the other side are tough.

Just keep in mind, although you can turttle, you need to get out and clear those graves as well.

Just the usual general advice…

Always be giving resistance on the front line, and push them back as best you can.

I’ll be in the south to support you on the Orc front, once I get some Elves out there I can send them on clean up duty.

Alright, sounds good.