New settlements known before end of turn

If a ship is going to move and become a settlement at the end of the turn, this information is leaked at the beginning of the replay. You can see a dock on the map from the beginning of the replay - so you know that your move will have succeeded.

In the image, see how there is a dock hanging out with the sea serpents?

I bet this is because the dock is the only thing that actually exists in another tile (the water tile) and those don’t get updated/reset during the replay.

I’ll add this on the next pass of the map render code. Thanks for pointing it out!

@JayKyburz - I just wanted to make sure that this didn’t get fixed yet. I’m still seeing it in-game.

No sorry, I didnt get to it yet. It will take me a while to circle back around to work on the map again.

No worries at all! I just wanted to make sure it was still supposed to be showing up.