New ship placement


Can we get a way to set where a newly built ship spawns? Sometimes they land in the wrong spot, and it can really screw you over. It would also make a lot more sense to be able to put the ships I build where I want them.


Hi @xtrafresh! A settlement’s ships are always built at its port. You can see where this is on the map by a little dock coming out from one side on the settlement. Your dock will be created in hex that your ship crashed into the land from to create the settlement.

So you can decide where to make your port by where you crash into the land from. Sometimes this involves taking extra turns to sail further around, but the pay-off is that your ships are created further away from where you started.


Ah! I completely missed that! Not really what I was hoping for, but it’s something I guess. Thx for replying so quick!

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’relocate dock’ button among the town upgrade options for 4 or 8 wood? Pretty please? :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, you’re not the first to suggest that! It’s on our list of game design changes to consider / do in future!


I did not know that! I thought it was random, and I was going to suggest this :slight_smile:

What does it do if a ballooner makes the settlement from inland?


I seem to remember Jay saying if a ballooner makes the settlement it is random?


I had a land-locked town once made by a ballooner, no dock. The new ship just spawned on top of the town.


That was an added change @xtrafresh. Initially, a settlement created in a landlocked hex could not make a ship at all. Now, with a ballooner, the first ship spawns on top of the settlement. Gives you a chance to get that Buccaneer out being trapped.


If you create a settlement from land side with a Ballooner, the port placement will be random in a sea hex. If there are no adjacent sea hexes, ships will build on top. They won’t be able to move off until they have a Ballooner on board.


If a landlocked settlement can build a ship that will appear above the settlement, then shouldn’t the same be true of a settlement which is being blockaded? They shouldn’t be able to leave the settlement except via ballooner or lifting the blockade and going out the port, but it doesn’t make much sense that a settlement with no ocean can build a skyfleet while one with a blockaded ocean can’t.