New Single Player


Hey Folks,

If you refresh your browsers you’ll see we’ve done away with the tutorial screen and have incorporated the tutorials into the first of what will eventually become a series of mini campaigns.

This biggest change is that you can now only have one instance of each map saved on the server, and if you want to restart a map, you will be asked if you want to overwrite your existing version of the map before you start.

Oh, and we are also expanding the interface into two columns for screens 1024 wide and larger (shock!) Where possible, we are going to try and keep the interface less than 768 high so no scrolling is required on 95% of all desktops and laptops.

Overall we are trying to be clearer, simpler, and less weird for new players.

Feedback welcome as always.


Just a heads up, seems all players are Premium players right now. I’m getting hero coins and I’m able to do the Premium player maps in single player and I haven’t bought Premium yet.


Oh yeah, I havn’t done that bit yet. Thanks for the reminder! :slight_smile: