New standard game format: smaller (dark?) turn-based and premium

I enjoy playing in the ‘official’ arenas as a place to meet new players and in order to be part of games that get prominent placement in the ‘Join Game’ screen so they fill up more quickly. Premium games are also nice because there are usually a lot less immediate AFKs to throw the game balance and slow things down.

Unfortunately for me, the only Premium turn-based option is of ‘epic’ size, which eventually requires too much of my time to play per day if I make it to the endgame. I’d play the heck of out a smaller turn-based game for Premium players. Even moreso if it was a dark galaxy.

Is there any hope of getting a new official game arena for Premium players that can’t play realtime games?

Good points … and I too enjoy premium games because they tend to be more challenging … but can’t you create a game @markwkidd with the parameters you like?

I’m getting my a** kicked in this game … so I’m looking for another interesting one to join.

Along those lines, some people label their games as “TB” … but it would be nice if those were auto-labeled. Ditto if premium-only. Another idea for your todo list Jay … :wink:

Jay back in the days you said you had numbers on the different rates that the standard game formats filled up. Can you give us an indication, because I’d like to propose a few different ones.

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Psst @HULK (and others) jump on in if you wanna dark, premium, turn based match: Neptune's Pride

Yea, I looked at that game markwkidd - good params … but not sure I’m ready to sign up for a 32 stars/player game as that will take a while.

@Rosslessness: Haven’t seen you since the duel tournament - glad to see you are back.

What if the star count were, say, 24 per player: Neptune's Pride

Allright … I signed up … but somebody had already taken the green slot;
HULK may have to SMASH them first! :wink:

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no problem. Made a silly tactical error, it was all over in the first cycle.

Jay, It seems you have added this feature requested by @HULK .

Would it be possible to have more blank space so the count of players does not overlap the Turn Based boolean ?

That looks pretty good … agreed on a bit more white space …plus also expand labels:

P         T/R        # Players
Pre       Turn       21 of 32
All       Real        6 of 8

How about just do 21/30 instead of the 21_of_30

That saves 4 characters right there.

It also has to fit on a phone screen so you can only squeeze so much in there.

It might make more clear sense if the two columns about players are together,
and the the type of game ( turn based / real time ) is a separate third column.

P Players T/R
Pre 21/32 Turn
All 6/8 Real

I can not seem to get these three columns to be visible in my post the same way that @HULK has done in his post.

Yes sorry, this is a feature that Dysp is working on but it snuck out not quite finished.

My suggestion was to have two separate tables, one for Real time games and one for Turn Based games. I was also thinking Premium only could be a little icon or red text that says “premium” like in the interface above.

We could remove the “view detail” button and just let you click the whole row, but this is a bit bigger change.

Also, @cptcrackers idea is good.