New Units

Had some time to implement some new units today. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

I decided to keep things fairly simple for now. The Wolf Chariots have a first strike like ability where they do a range attack as they join the combat to all enemies.

While I was looking at the chariot I messed around with the Wolf riders a little. I wanted them to pack a bit more of a punch so I made them start with 25 instead of 20.

I also did “Release the Hounds” for the Hound Master. It’s the opposite of the Dragonhelm Knight where he can make a single zombie unit flee for 12 hours.


Regarding Release the Hounds:
As a spell i could see it working but setting normal dogs on Zombies, i can’t see why they would run, you need magic to herd them.
As an alternative suggestion:
Release the Hounds (Culling the Herd)
Select an Immortal Horde within 1 league.
Each enemy suffers a X * 10% chance of being destroyed where X is the number of Hound Masters

I would imagine the swarm of zombies being picked off around the edges by the dogs or them doing a futile attack on a big target.

Hounds could be live bait to draw zombies away. Like releasing the hounds, tell them to lure 1 group of zombies away from you. I think that makes sense.

had not thought of that, yep that could work :slight_smile:
Not sure if wolf chariots are working, I’m seeing this:

Thanks for the heads up. Those will fixed in the next build.