New Update Today - Card Changes - Spoilers for new players?


Hey Folks,

Warning: If you like discovering cards in game as you go, might want to skip this thread.

I’ve just pushed a new version for the game to the server. There are exciting cards I’m not sure if Penny has told you about.

This guy is no longer the Elusive Dryad, he is now the Elven Prince and buffs the strength of ranged attacks on Archers. Unfortunately this won’t work on existing Elven bows, only newly created ones.

The Scarface Lord now adds combat experience to units. Perfect for whipping those goblins into shape.

The Berserkers got an update too. I never really liked that they were kind of like Ents before, but not really as good. Now they get bigger with every power and Elf uses.

There might be some weirdness with this guy because he is being changed from a unit to a hero, so existing ones are going to get 10 or 20 times in strength they should!

The Dealers power used to be draw 5 new cards but we felt this was not very good now you can spend valour to just draw a card.

The theme of the greedy goblins is to make money so now he will make money when a hero is deployed. I suspect this one will get out of control in MP, and might need to be nerfed at some stage.

These wing warrior guys have also been updated. But I think their power need some more work this morning to finish off. I will do that now.


For the Elven Prince, I suspect you’ll need to buff him up to a 50% boost. For 175 Gold, I think it’s probably more cost effective to just train another archer unit. Either that or drop him to 100-150 Gold and give him a offensive boost to 150 power.

Forest Rage sounds like its an ability that is going to get out of control quickly. I like that the cost came down. I just need to think about this a little.

Dealer; I don’t think you’re going to have as huge of a problem as you might think. I don’t usually deploy more that a dozen or so cards during the whole game; except during the endgame when gold usually isn’t an issue anyway. I suspect you may want to raise the cost to 100 though.

Wing Warriors, glad to see they have a power. Have to see how it plays out.


I want to try out the new Beserker. It’s a neat idea, and I like that it’s a single character now. That should help keep their power growth in check. I’m trying to think about how many Elf abilities go off in a single 24 hour period… and it can be a lot. Still at 5 points per pop, that’s not huge. Let’s say 10 abilities go off, that’s still only a gain of 50 points… not even to 200 power yet.

So, without experimenting yet, it sounds cool.

One question… is it ALL elf powers, or just the controlling player’s elfs?


Could you explain what you mean by this?
do you mean units created before/after the prince or after you have applied the update


The Elf bows will only have the “Archer” trait if they are drawn from your deck (or trained) after the update.

Sorry I wasn’t very clear.


Thought maybe from this quote you meant the archers had to spawn after the prince, but you clarified yourself.

So I pretty sure that this game was created after the update (6303866291224576)… But the Prince doesn’t seem to be giving any benefit to my archers…


And… I just noticed that you cannot combine Dark witches any longer since they are ‘heroes’ not units.

I’m sad. :’(


I’ll have a look, but if the Elves have “Archer” written on them then it should work!

They still rock!


They do say archer, so they should be good to go.

In the game I mentioned, the army at [303] I expect the archers to go from (600) range attack to (750) when in the army with the prince.



Hrmm, I don’t think the card text will change, but the attack itself will be 750. (we might need some extra code to increase the card text power)


Ahh there you go… There’s no visual to show they are getting the benefit, so I assumed they weren’t