New Version of Iron Crown


There is a new version of Iron Crown online today. The large 6 player MP map.

The Zombies now spawn between each of the player starts rather than in the middle.

Come help me test!


If anyone wants to try it out, there is 1 open position on this game

It’s been waiting to start for a few days. Someone come on down and play this map please.


I think your game has a password @Ahamkara!


Thanks for the head’s up. It’s not my game nor did I have to provide a password… I will let the game creator know though.


nm… it is PW protected. Here is the original post: Come join my game

pw = blight!


Post a message in there and get folks into the new version. I think it will be better!


Sorry I meant, post into the game and get the people for @kornman game into the new version!