New/weird warp gate suggestion


Based on personal experience, when a game has gone on for a while and I have a lot of stars and warp gates are cheap enough to be basically everywhere, at best I can have around ~50% of my ships on the front lines, with the rest stuck on the way.

What about speeding up “interior” gates? These could be any pair of gates where neither is in scanning or hyperspace range of an enemy star.

In the early game, I feel like this would still be prohibitively expensive to exploit unfairly, and I think it would help speed up a bit of the mid to late-game’s more boring slog by speeding up large fights that are already in progress.

I know different levels of warp gate have been suggested before, perhaps this would be a way to achieve something similar without a ton of added game rule complexity.


Are you suggesting this should happen automatically, or as a paid upgrade to existing gates?


I guess as-described it would be automatic, it would be passive. They’d need to lose the boost automatically if an enemy enters scanning\hyperspace range and having to identify the valid pairs of stars would be a bit burdensome. If you described why that happened in the help you could call it “enemy warp-frequency jamming” or something. It might be more reasonable (and easier to implement) to limit that ability with any other player in range, not just enemies.

Edit: I think the game is better in theory with fewer\no actions like that required by the player… the choices you already have for upgrading stars and researching tech gives a ton of customization and with no “advanced” ways to max out your stuff so the core gameplay relies on strategy and diplomacy. I just feel like the latter 1/2 to 2/3 of a game lack all that because it’s been decided. That’s probably why my favorite part of a game is starting and expanding and having to be careful with my investments – it’s the prelude to war, where the last portion of a game is more carrying it out, so some way to speed that along or make it more exciting appeals to me.


Maybe think about it like this:

As the game progresses, the size of players territory expands, along with their ability to see and reach more distant stars. The ability to move between those stars doesn’t scale, and so what once was an awesome 3x speedup from warp gates winds up feeling just as slow or slower than early on. There should be a simple way to let carrier speed scale with the size of your empire.

My reasoning for what I proposed is that important strategy is moving further and further away from your starting or inner stars, and so travel between them might as well speed up.

The thing that would require playtesting probably is whether this gives too much of an advantage to a player who gets a quick/lucky start.


How about introducing a upgrade tree to warp gates ?

Just spitballing here,
but lets assume the stargate would be built on a star starting with a natural resource level of 50.
For example:
LVL1.25% speed increase 100-150$
LVL2.35% speed increase 70-90% cost increase
LVL3.45% speed increase 70-90% cost increase
LVL4.55% speed increase 70-90% cost increase
LVL5.65% speed increase 70-90% cost increase
LVL6.75% speed increase 70-90% cost increase

This would allow you to invest into warp gates within the first week or two of the game, and the price increase would hinder players late game from throwing a warpgate on every single planet and as inflation runs amok late game it would give the player another option to invest his money into. Which hopefully would have its price adequately adjusted.

I also like to think as the game continues youre empire ( hopefully ) gets bigger which = more money.
But as distance between your boarder stars and your Capital increases the mode of quickening up transport doesn’t and this would be a nice fix.

Again just a food for thought :slight_smile:


Im not really for this suggestion,
travel speed changes are a HUGE mechanic change, which is primarily why it was removed/simplified in NP2 from the original,
hyper speed used to be a tech researchable upgrade.
but it made things too complex and thus removed top level strategy that could be implemented by a sentinel type player.

IE an enemy launched, the sentinel player (who is always watching) has a small window to respond within, launching defensive ships that will arrive at the exact same time as the enemy
the decision to respond is very tough if he thinks you might
A)have a speed upgrade in the works OR a tech trade may be coming,
B) another fleet is going to capture another unrelated star putting him in scan or hyper range and slowing your response fleet down.
C) in the case of the suggestion above, you have more money and can buy a victory through a warpgate upgrade.

the advantage of being vigilant and strategically planning how quickly you can reinforce key stars goes out the window

not the example you provided, I know, but just an example of how hard things can become when ETA times are constantly changing.

personally I think 2 speed levels is enough to be strategic and allow a sharp player a tool to outmaneuvre an opponent with but not too complex a mechanism that you introduce doubts into every combat or movement decision.

I often assess the percentages of ships on an enemies front line, the size of their empire, gross production the volume and frequency of ships coming to their borders. its not precise, but its info I can use to make assesments of their empire that isnt on the intel page. which is the difference between top players and the average punter.

travel time being a constant is essential to allowing the best player to have the advantage, too much random chance and you get sick of it.
its the difference between playing RISK and Diplomacy. dice roll or strategy.

I have written down the names of carriers that were visiting a frontline star, noting their arrival times/intervals so I could calculate out the star loop they were on, and predict when reinforcements would arrive.
with that information I was able to plan exactly when to break an alliance and schedule an attack fleet from the core of my empire, passing their scanning range at the perfect hour, removing their ability to change a carriers route and beat me there.

what happens if my ally breaks our alliance and suddenly my whole empire is within scanning range? my harvest rate falls through the floor and I go down in a ball of flames?

Do I have to protect every worthless rock to avoid an enemy sending a rogue fleet hopping through my system crippling my collection network?

later in the game as research levels go sky high staying out of scanning is impossible. which is exactly when your empire is big enough that collection rate is important.

sorry mate, it just changes the game way too much to be feasible.

it adds another advantage to an enemy on the fringe of the galaxy, if they have an isolated production network
being in the middle is tough enough already, but its impossible if you have 3 neighbors and slower collection rates.

if it takes you X amount of time to get your fleet to the front, it takes the same for your enemy. fairs fair. everyone is playing with the same mechanics.


Yeahhh you took my idea apart piece for piece hahaha

I see what you mean, it would distract the player way to much and would be easy to lose track of WP levels as well as cause even more un needed paranoia. And mailny ruin the simplicity of NP we all love so dearly.

I also lost a very large fleet of mine as my enemy built a star gate, jumped to one of my unprotected core worlds whilst i slept so now im partially anti warpagte improvements.