Newbies's cry

I wrote this in bugs section, anyway most of them are logical.

  1. Temporary names + trade’s “system” + research

Temporary names = you can do everythink, you can cheat, be galaxy devil or whore, next time you can just change name.
Playing without technology’s trade is imposible at all.
There is no trade system ( one player send request with conditions such: tech/cach, other accept it or regret it, and game’s system did trade).
I have played 4 time and every time somebody cheats, most players are untrusted at all.
This is major “bug” for me.

  1. No NAP system at all.

For example 2 players have truce/peace agreement and sends fleets to one planet.
In most games, first fleet gain planet, second fleet will not attack until have order to attack.
In this game always is battle - ridiculous.

  1. Warp gate works for enemy fleet.
    Yes, really stupid idea, and after enemy fleet gain planet warp gate is … destroyed, no comments.

  2. Closed community + no anti-multi system.
    If you are newbie, you are dead - 2 hostile neighbours, no tech trade and bye bye in 1 week.

  3. Battle system.

1 ships does X tech damage, 10000 ships does X tech damage too. Nonsense.
I understand system should be simple, but this one …

  1. Premium account.
    I don’t understand it, can I play test version of game only with premium account? really?


Are you familiar with Star Wars Mos Eisley ? There is every kind of scum and villainy out there. Gamers are allowed to role-play any good or bad character they like. Make allies, and watch out for backstabbers.


Gamers gain Victories & Rank & gift Renown & buy Badges. These statistics follow the gamer. Gamers can role play a good character in one game, and then a bad character in the next.

The rules Triton Codex / help FAQ explains that cheating can be difficult to prove. If you are able to convince other players to join in an alliance with you, then your alliance can fight that enemy.

Some gamers play by the Golden Rule . Some do not. Some gamers enjoy the fun of the unpredictability of how gamers will behave. When more players become familiar with you, you may have a personal reputation, and your Victories & Rank & Renown & Badges may affect how other players make decisions.


@JayKyburz designed this simplified 4X game with a strong Diplomacy component, so everything in the game can be negotiable between players.


Send some emails & make some allies to trade tech with.

If you have Premium account, then you are able to Create Custom Games. @AnnanFay wrote a post about creating a game with excessively high trade cost, which effectively prevents tech trades. Click to read this thread.


During a game, you could email and ask to have a NAP with your neighbor. He may or may not agree with you.

You could join a game that has Formal Alliances enabled.

If you have a Premium account, then you can create custom games with Formal Alliances enabled.


Warp Gates must be on BOTH departure & destination stars to accelerate ALL (friendly or enemy) carriers to 1 LY / tick.

If you see an enemy borrowing your WG to attack your star, you may choose to destroy your own WG to slow down the enemy carrier.


NP2 is a simplified 4X game. Use the combat calculator, Shortcut key “C”, to predict some combat .


NP3 Proteus is Premium members only.

Some NP2 games have custom setting that only allow Premium players to join. Premium players might be more earnest about Neptune’s Pride games.

NP2 is not pay-to-win. Premium players are allowed to change the names of stars & carriers. This can be useful to taunt. You can also buy Badges for yourself or other gamers. These help continuing support for the game.

Thanks for fast answer,

“NP2 is not pay-to-win” - this is ONE reason I played with it.

I wrote few “rules” in 1) point because combination all -> killed game.

There is no problem, when player is devil-role in game, when his name is static or there is trade’s system or tech’s exchange not is as important in game or there is alliance/truce “system” supported by game (few hours needed to broke it).

“If you have Premium” … huh, looks like game without premium is not playable

I leaved game, maybe I will return after 1-2 years to check changes (if there will be)

Anyway I’m pretty sure most new players have similar problems, think about it.

Each player in Neptune’s Pride has a static member name. When the player joins into a game, that player may choose a temporary in-game alias. During the game, that player’s Victories & Rank & Renown & Badges followed him from previous games. That player’s Neptune’s Pride member name will be revealed on the Leaderboard (shotcut key “L”) when the game ends.

Some players use the same name for their Neptune’s Pride membership & in-game alias & forum member name. Some players mix up & use different names.

Sometimes a game will be announced to be having a role-playing theme, like Star Trek, or Star Wars, or something funny or strange, or fake religions, or scoundrels or space pirates. It can be fun to have a different role-playing names. Can you imagine what it would be like if a tree species Pando clones were attacking your empire ? LOL ! What would the diplomatic emails sound like ?

Science fiction is about imagining outside the box.

Many (not all) of the games are free to play. Jay Kyburz spent time and effort to develop the game, and he must pay fees to maintain and operate the Internet servers that run the game. If there is another way to make a profit, please suggest it. Everyone wants to play free games, but not everyone can make games.

It sounds like neptunes pride might not be your cup of tea then because the stuff you’re complaining about is the exact stuff many of us play for. The entire point for me is to figure out ways of getting people to do what you want to achieve victory.

Huh? You can play the game for free forever, why does it matter that the test version requires premium? There has to be something offered for premium players, the game has to make money somehow. I don’t see what the problem is.

I play this game alone. I don’t know anybody else who plays it, so every game is a clean slate for me. I don’t start allied with anybody. I don’t get many wins this way, sure, but I do ok.

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HHHEEEYYYY Man… fmendes21 here. We playied the very same game that encouraged you to publish this review.

Dude, let´s play again, fmendes21 is my permanent nickname AND my steam name (look me up there). Even though you attacked me (well, it´s a war game after all) I´ve always been loyal to my word and standards during game.

Look me up there. You and whoever else has passion for strategy games (or any other kind for whatever matters) can add me there.



Really, add me on steam… or “Discord”, so we can keep in touch.