Nightmare - 16 player, high speed Galaxy

6 places left in this high speed galaxy

Look for Nightmare in the User created games, if you want a high speed 4 hrs. per cycle quad 15m a tick Dark Galaxy frenzy - it’ll probably last about 3-4 days!

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There’s also a game called Hell with one hour turn deadlines… I don’t think I have it in me for that one lol

@Pyanfar , I received a notification that this forum software blocked you from adding the hyperlink URL for the game Nightmare. I have adjusted some forum settings, I would like to ask you to help me test the new settings.

In your browser hit F5 to refresh, and then In your OP, please click the icon 3-dots & icon pencil to edit your post, then lets see whether the new forum settings will allow you to add the hyperlink URL for your game. Hopefully it will be successful.

If not, then post to let me know, and I will research this and try again. THANKS !

Looks to have worked, thanks

Can you please test again and try to add the game hyperlink the same way that you did for

? I need to test whether this forum software will allow you or block you. Thanks !

Looks like it is fixed; thanks xjh!

I admit my preferences are very fast - I don’t sleep much - or very slow, so my normal disjointed sleep pattern isn’t disrupted