Nightmare Cloudlands – Players Wanted!


A group of us players recently wanted a challenge, and so we played the Cloudlands map on hard difficulty. However, we had a number of randoms who went afk, and so made it harder than needed. However, we won the map, and now we want a real challenge – we are playing the map on nightmare mode. This is where you come in…

Unfortunately we don’t have enough of us to fill all 12 positions, so we are seeking reliable players WHO WILL NOT AFK! We don’t care if you are experienced, or new, or if you have a full deck or cards or just one or two… we just want players who can commit to logging in two or three times a day for a couple weeks, and are willing to communicate. If you fulfil the criteria, then we want you!

So here’s the game: Password: nightmare

We wish to see you in game, fighting against the impossible!



Bump; we are still looking for players. We are still happy to take noobs and vets alike, so long as they are willing to communicate and play as a team.


Do you have any plans for doing weekend pauses or anything? I’d be happy to join, but it’s summer now so I’m camping most weekends.


We hadn’t been planning to do pauses, but if you let us know a day or two in advance when you are going to be away, then yes, we can do pauses over weekends.