No Experimentation in 1v1 EPIC games?

Tr0n…one thing you have to remember is that all of this was experimental in trying to decide what format worked the best. The first game I played against HULK was just mirror galaxies and nothing else. I did all industry and no science & won easily----it resulted in more starting cash. The next game he and I did resulted in locked weapons. We then moved from 32 planets each player to 64. Then came fixing exp so it didn’t give you weapons (a fixed science) and waste your bounce on it was the next idea. Locking exp the next idea. It’s all been trying different ideas and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Part of that changed things during tournaments if need be.

Another example is you saying after our last 2vs2 game that you don’t like turn-based that much anymore. There is nothing wrong with that. It just means that a different branch needs to be formed for players who like real-time. I opened the thread on 2vs2 to try and bring in some players who wanted more diplomacy than a 1vs1. We’ve already tweaked it in the second game with $1000 starting each and 6 hour moves vs $2K and 8 hour moves. I’d be happy to see 3vs3 games forming, but they may need tweaking immediately too as you never know how something plays out until you try.

Let’s be realistic here-----the participation rate in N.P. is fading compared to where it used to be. The idea of these tournaments or challenges is to try and bring more players back or give the best ones stronger battles. It’s just about trying new ideas over and over till something seems to work and be enjoyed.

@SuperDave I’m not against trying new rules and formats etc and never said as much.

It is, however, disconcerting to me that for a given tournament, with posted rules, they changed mid-way through the tournament. Wait for the next tournament before making changes is all I’m saying.

The 2v2s and 3v3s are single games. Make as many changes as you want from game to game if the players agree to terms. Refine the format as needed.

@nick.muzzio already hosted a 3v3 a month or two ago and it was a lot of fun. Hope to see more of them without being a burden on someone else creating the mirrored maps and game options etc. Same goes for wanting to run an RT style.

Regarding the specific “no exp” change though, my opinion, which clearly stands in the minority, is still that it should be part of the game. I’ll avoid a lengthy diatribe here expanding on my reasoning and basis, as it would simply be retorted and disregarded anyway. People’s minds are already made up on the matter.

Cheers mates.

@Tr0n - I honestly don’t remember changing Exp to locked halfway through the same tournament and I’m really surprised I didn’t note this in the forum theads … as I noted pretty much everything else for all to see.

I know there was some discussion on the earlier tournament about changing some parameters, but @AnnanFay was against it, so we left it as-is. I’m doubly confused because if you read through the various tournament threads, you’ll see I bend over backwards to give people options - i.e. which game would you prefer, etc.

We HAVE changed the parameters, but only when mutually agreeable … just like @Karmadrome and I did by moving from 8 to 6-tick jumps … which works quite well if both players submit on a timely basis.

Regardless, my apologies if you feel wrong’ed about this - SMASH me in a future NP game! :wink:

In terms of creating Mirrored Maps, I was the one who encouraged Jay to add them … and now that they are implemented, you (or anyone else) would need to ask him if you can create these. Quite frankly, it’s a bit of a drag to do all the work for the tournaments … plus have people ask me to create games for them on the side.

Be awesome if others took the lead and setup tournament with THEIR parameters! :wink:

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I don’t want to wade into the discussion/disagreement, but what I do want to say is a big thanks to @HULK for setting these games and tourneys up. We need to encourage more players to do this as it creates one hell of a buzz. I think one thing we can all agree on is that this is a fantastic game. A lot of us have been playing this game for many years and there are very few games I can say that about.

For me @HULK has always been up front and very clear what the game parameters are plus has put changes up for discussion.

I unfortunately lack the patience/ability/imagination/time [delete as applicable] to set these things up myself, so I will continue to support those that do by participating and kicking ass!

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I asked jay and he said he would set them up but not give me the power. I don’t want to be asking him every time and the settings are hard to get right etc. Would love to set them up for tourney.

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Hey Guys,

I havn’t made the mirror maps option available for everybody because there are a few weird things that can go wrong when you select it. For example, it forces the player starts to be circular ect.

If any of you want the ability to create them, please just email me and I can now simply flick a switch and turn it on for you!

You’ll me able to make Proteus Games as well, and I think make Tournament games, which are games that don’t have a spot reserved for the creator.