Notification Requests

This has caused a serious problem in a 64 player game I’m playing in, so here I hope Jay pays SPECIAL attention to it, as it is a VERY important, and practical, update that needs to me made.

There SERIOUSLY needs to be a better accounting system for technological trades between empires, and military engagement reports. The notification system gets clogged so fast between these two completely separate actions, it is very easy to miss payments if a player (like me) isn’t glued to the game all day, or is not awake all night. This ties to a point down below:

Fewer players all the time for NP, and that’s partially because the diplomacy mechanics work badly, I imagine. The message boards have stopped saving days or even weeks of posts, turning diplomatic maneuverings and debates into something of a smear and accusation contest no one can prove or win. Did they ever save days or weeks’ worth? I thought they used to, but regardless, they NEED to, for aforementioned reasons.

Summarily, we need some organization to the notices, and need to extend the length of saved messages to a reasonable point. 64 player games with high political and military activity become unmanagable otherwise.

Split military actions, scientific advancements, trades and money transfers, into three separate categories of notices, to ensure no clogging ensues.

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I’ve mentioned this before - totally agree.
Maybe add another one for alliance stuff.

Maybe something like this ?

Yes, exactly that.

agree. perhaps a trade window for allies or alliances where the trade is automatic. go to the trade window select weapons, Message comes out saying do you wish to send $150 for weapons 10? you click yes and the trade is automated.

but it can only be automated between alliance members or allies so maybe you need to select who your alliance members are before hand. so maybe need a step below ally,

just a thought.

I make a note and make this a priority for new features for NP. It should be fairly easy to just add a few more tabs.

Hoping you can add this to existing NP and not just Proteus ONLY … :wink:

And HEY, any chance of bumping mirrored map creation up the priority list for NP? We are wrapping up a GREAT 4x4 turn-based game and thinking about starting another - would be awesome to have a mirrored map to level the playing field.

Doesn’t have to be bulletproof - i.e. OK if sometimes it generates a “bad” map or just flat out fails.

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Jay has just unshackled us. The trade embargo is ended. The galaxies of future despots, knaves, pirates, drones and eldritch conquerors are free of Proteus’ Draconian trade restrictions. And we have the separated ledger, even.

Don’t think for a MINUTE, Jay, that this forgives or in anyway makes up for the lack of NP1 Avatars. I am the voice of the lost. And that voice shall speak. But the updates are still great, so thanks.