NP Experimentational Scientists - love 'em ... or hate 'em! ;-)

Experimentation is a cool feature of NP … and who doesn’t look at their Event Log first thing after Production and see if they got “lucky” :wink:

So in the team game, we have reached the point where the dominant player (Captain America) is doing Weapons for us … since he has the most Science.

So HULK’s experimental scientists have made “discovery’s” in Weapons FIVE of the last six cycles … which is completely worthless to our team - click on the image below to see large.

This make Hulk very angry.
Hulk SMASH Scientist’s test tubes.
Hulk send Dr. Bruce Banner on single ship carrier toward enemy’s core.

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Were you kind to them? How big their salaries are?


I figured it out. You hired the entire graduating class from Galactic Institute of Technology, and they all majored in Weapons Development. Clearly you should have been the player working on Weapons.

Oh, and 648 points from their experiments? Was that the year that all the weapons specialists were on the B Team for chess? That is pathetic!

Qwerty: I was paying 'em a lot and using the “carrot” approach … but that obviously didn’t work … the HULK went down there to do some SMASHING and we’ll try the “stick” approach! :wink:

Brian: LOL! And yea, sorry our Experimentation bonus pales in comparison to yours.

As you know, I was the Weapons dude in the last team game … I would have killed to have my Scientists pumping out tech like that. In this game, we’d have another level and half of Weapons tech if I had been doing - oh well.

I have a similar story, however I am alone with no trading partners (everyone wants me dead) and have been exclusively researching weapons. My scientists just managed over 6 consecutive turns to give bonuses in S, M, E, B, T, H - without repeating any (thereby giving me ~288/500 in all these tech) and not hitting weapons.

I eagerly awaited today’s cycle to see which bonus I might get from my scientists, because they no longer could avoid a useful breakthrough. Would it be weapons? Would it be Manufacturing or Terraforming? Naturally they had a breakthrough in Hyperspace range, so now I have Hyp range 4! Thank you scientists.

actually I just checked the logs, I had the banking bonus from earlier in the game. It was B bonus, then I got lucky and finished manufacturing over 2 cycles, then had E,S,T,M,H. That set up my fully loaded lottery where I was sure to have a success - and I did in the form of hyperspace range 4 (mostly useless to me right now)