NP2 on VGG


Check out NP2 on VGG. You can become and fan and rate the game! (Though I can’t work out how.)



  • Log in on VGG (VideoGameGeek, a sister site to THE bordgaming site BoardGameGeek)
  • go to
  • find the link “User Info” just below the fat game title on the right side and click it.
  • Click on “Add a copy to your collection
  • FInd “Ranking:” below, click into the empty box right of it, put in a “10” and click “Save

If that was not easy, i do not know what is… :wink:


The “add to collection” is the part I missed.


Yep, not the most user frinedly of interfaces… but BGG/VGG/RPGG packs a lot of functionality!


Videos and pictures are up now:

For all those with an account on the site: Giving those videos and images thumbs, enhances their visibility!


Now one of those images is also tagged as the representative image, that is shown on the game’s VGG site:

@JayKyburz: I have not found a nice image for the game that incluedes a logo. If you have something like this, i could upload it and change it to be the representative image.