NP2STATS still alive

I haven’t really been updating this for years. Just picked up couple of games since like over 5 years. Updated it to work with Proteus too.

It’s pretty rudimentary and would need a complete overhaul, but there are all the important stats, timelapse maps of games, setting up teams, sharing stats with your allies etc. If something is broken throw me an email (at the front page).

You need to generate api key in ingame settings and get the game id from the game URL (when you are in the right game, it’s the last part of the url after last /)


I stumbled across this when trying to find out about the API. Your login process is broken: with a newly created account it’s impossible to login

Thank you very much for reporting. Registering issue has now been fixed. Sorry for the trouble, but you will need to register again. I hope you find the tool useful!

All fixed and now I’m in :slight_smile:

Might seem a bit circular but… Any chance of an API to pull the data? Having access to game history to analyse would be super useful!

What’s it written in?

And what’s the best way to give you bug reports?

In the team page if you’ve assigned a team, changing them back to 0 doesn’t remove it.

I had forgotten about this. thanks


  1. Thanks, good spot on zero teams. Have to get back on it!
  2. You can submit bugs here or at the email address on the home page.
  3. As of current I have no plans of making an API. I did this tool over 5 years ago and have just been “keeping it running”. The latest MySQL updates have caused the most trouble lately. I’m also propably not storing all the info I could get and you have to always update the ticks from my tool to get them to my database.
  4. But now that you have me curious, what history and how would you like to see? I already have the map replayer which will play show the map development tick by tick. And you can compare any data against any other selected tick.

@Golden_Ace Thanks right back at you! :wink:

For my own purposes, essentially your stats table with tick added to it is what I’d like to see. I’ve done various modelling with the API, for a range of purposes, but the fact you can’t get the Intel out automatically is annoying. Star ownership over time (in tabular form) would be nice too.

What would I do with it? Don’t know fully :wink: my current model calculates the amount of extra money someone would have needed to reach their infrastructure (but you need to manually count the gains and losses through the Intel screen). There’s a fair bit more I could predict about the map and opponent’s (and their relations) with history data in machine readable format.

I’ve often wished there was a way to play back a game’s map after it ends. It’d be neat to see how star ownerships change over the course of a game.

@Kaine I’m sorry, but I do not currently have too much time to put effort on this. I’m now doing some little work on running the tournaments easier.

@kinghuang That is already included in np2stats.

Wasn’t particularly expecting you to, but you said you were curious :slight_smile:

Yes, I always welcome improvement ideas. Thank you for taking the time and letting me know!

@Dysp Ah, interesting! I’ve only recently been able to log in to np2stats when the login process was fixed. I see that now.

On the stats page, the “lost” column sorts alphabetically rather than numerically. As far as I can tell it’s just this column


Thank you for the report. I will not be able to check it right away, but I will address the issue.

I’m glad to see this tool is being supported again @Dysp!

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Thank you all for the feedback! Just a quick notice:

There is a maintenance going on with my service provider as of 12 december 2020 and NP2STATS and the tournament tracker will be temporarely down. Services should return to normal at latest within 20 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m also currently upgrading the NP2STATS to new look and feel, so sorry if something is broken now and then. I hope I can address some of the issues raised. :wink:


For some reason I can’t update game data using the old interface. As soon as I click “Update data” it asks me to login again every time.

Thanks for reporting. Will check.

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