Objectification in Blight - Thumb's Up!

Something that came up with my group about Blight…

The game’s art is really, really good in regards to the presentation of women. Short of the Pool Priestess, we couldn’t think of any female art that was risque or inappropriate. Even in the Priestess’ situation, her clothing makes sense considering her situation and role… and her positioning isnt particularly bad.

I wanted to give a BIG shout out to Jay and Penny on this. Kudos for being smart and even-handed with your choice of art. A number of players in my group are women, and they were remarking on how much more approachable this game is for women and girls as a result of the art.


Thanks @Praetorian and great to see you back!

I’ve been playing some Blizzard games lately and it’s surprising to see they are so behind the times on this stuff.

I’m also really happy with how Alex Ries handled orc females. There wasn’t much good reference on the internet.

edit: his site http://www.alexries.com/