October/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps: Turn-Based


We’ve had some fun turn-based 1v1 tournaments using EPIC mirrored maps - ready for another one?

Please READ THE FIRST POST from the most recent 1v1 tournament for the setup/rules/play-by-play. @Karmadrome beat me in the finals of that one … so the Jolly Green Giant is going to be in full-in HULK SMASH mode! :wink:

Only change I’d recommend is assuming we get players that can submit on a timely basis, 6-tick jumps play better than 8-tick jumps. Otherwise, same setup as before with the following mods from default params:
Weapons start at Level3 and are LOCKED (whoever gets W4 first has a too-big-of advantage)
Experimentation is LOCKED at Level1 and Manufacturing is Expensive to Research
EPIC (64 stars/player) Galaxy with Far Distances
HomeStar is 20/20/4 rather than 5/5/1
Starting Cash is $2000 (don’t spend it all at once!)
You start with ONE star that has 50 ships
The Map is MIRRORED … so you each have IDENTICAL starting positions.
Real-time games favor those who are willing to forgo sleep, so the play is turn-based … and per mutual agreement, we’ll do SIX tick jumps … and a round-robin tournament! :wink:

Please reply here if you’d like to join in on the carnage (and can commit to keep the games moving along) and I’ll setup the tournament!

Round-Robin games:
@BelSon vs @HULK - game link - HULK WIN
@Affordable_Desk vs @Karmadrome - game link - Karmadrome WIN

@Affordable_Desk vs @HULK - game link - HULK WIN
@BelSon vs @Karmadrome - game link - Karmadrome WIN

@Affordable_Desk vs @BelSon - game link - Belson WIN

@HULK (2-0) vs @Karmadrome (2-0) - game link - HULK WIN

Because we were both undefeated, I suggested to @Karmadrome that we play two-outa-three … so I’m up “1-0” and here’s the link to our 2nd game.

Next 1v1 EPIC Tournament postponed for a bit

Count me in, thanks @HULK


I’ll be back for a second attempt! How are the brackets going to be decided?


I’m thinking that maybe just take first 4 to sign-up, and do a round-robin.

If another 4 sign-up, then setup a separate round-robin for them and have the respective winners meet.

What 'ya think?


Works for me.


@HULK I’m good with that.

Do any of you clever types want to setup a team game as well? There was talk of it…
I’m currently participating in a depressing game of Proteus, I won’t go into the details in public, but safe to say I’m itching to get into some serious action!


Team-based is good/fun, but at least for now, I’m just going to see if we can get a 1v1 going - need one more committed player to sign up! :wink:


I’m gonna have to pass on this one, classes are in full swing and taking up most of my time. I’ll definitely be looking to get in a tourney around the holidays though!


No one else has taken the fourth place so I’ll take it. Ready whenever.


@Affordable_Desk - @BelSon - @Karmadrome: We got a foursome! :wink:

I’ve updated the first post with the game params - two questions for ya:

  1. Do you want to play 6 or 8 tick jumps? Assuming we can be timely in our submits, I’d recommend the former - I think @Karmadrome will agree based on our game it just plays out better.

  2. Do you want to do a single elimination tournament or round-robin?


6 ticks for me. If any other players join, then I’d suggest elimination, if it’s just us 4 then I’m easy.


6 ticks and Round Robin but same as @Karmadrome I’m just happy that another 1v1 is happening at all.


@BelSon - Please confirm 6 tick jumps are OK with you and I’ll setup the round-robin games!


Confirming 6 ticks is fine for me. And tournament format isn’t a problem for me.


OK - we’ll plys 6 ticks jump round-robin (everyone will play each other). For round #1, how about we do:
@HULK vs @BelSon - game link (cool map!)
@Karmadrome vs @Affordable_Desk - game link #1 or #2 (good maps too)

Let me know if that works for you guys and we’ll begin. Sending passwords via PM.


Ooops … I forgot to change time to submit from the default 24 hours to 48 hours. Ideally you wouldn’t need the extra time (and I can pause the game I’m in, so not a big deal there) … but let me know @Karmadrome and @Affordable_Desk if you want me to regenerate games for 'ya with that change.

Meant to add above - please double check the params to make sure I didn’t miss something else.


@Affordable_Desk I have a slight preference for the 1st map. I should be okay with 24hrs.


24 hours and map 1 is fine.


I’ve jumped into map 1 and rattled off my turn now @Karmadrome, good luck to all and huge thanks @HULK for setting up another one of these I know how fiddly the game creation can get when you have to set up so many.


Thanks @Affordable_Desk … and yea, it can sometimes be difficult to get a decent looking map … although in this case, I was pleasantly surprised how good the first couple creations looked … and then I was DARN, did all the params right, but forgot to change time-to-submit. Again, hope it’s not an issue … and good luck in your games (except against me!) and have some fun! :wink:

I’m thinking for round #2, we’ll put the winner of #1 against the loser of #2 and vice-versa … and then for round #3, it will be the final pairings.