October/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps: Turn-Based


Okay, we’re underway, good luck all… well not too much :wink:


Just finished my game with @BelSon - we had both done a mega-star-burst at the start (he had more carriers than me!) … but then I was able to get some huge armadas of angry green space marines on his border (“peaceful” purposes only!) and he conceded … although I think his position wasn’t too dire yet.

So I’ll play the loser of @Karmadrome and @Affordable_Desk while @BelSon will play the winner.


You guys must have accelerated in the last day or so, you were well behind us the last time I looked!


He conceded … so I just wrapped it up.

I actually thought we were somewhat even, so I was surprised.


Did @BelSon agree to play the next round ? or did he have some RL issues come up ?


I’m committed to the end of the tournament. I guess I’m just a pessimistic player, I saw that @Hulk had 2-3 times the number of ships I did on every border, and he was making unstoppable progress on one front. So I resigned.


Been away from the game for 2-3 years or something like that, but this seems like the kind of setup I would like to get into. Will try and look out for the November edition!


Ah I see, you need to learn to be more out of touch with reality, like me. I for example am waiting for @Karmadrome’s computer screen to break so he thinks his stars are mine and sends his ships in the opposite direction. That’s when I pounce!!


LOL @Affordable_Desk … although it does appear you are in a bit of a pickle.

Let me know when your game is over and I’ll setup the 2nd game of the round-robin.


@Affordable_Desk you never know :smile:
For example, last turn I had finger trouble and blew 300+ creds on an upgrade to my HW, oh how I laughed! Took me a while to find my phone after I’d launched it across the room… :rage:


LOL @Karmadrome - been there, done that … but HEY, can you save one of those finger troubles for the next time we are playing against each other!

But you are up 91-45 stars … so good time to make that type of mistake.

Speaking of that, it looks pretty certain the round two games will be:
@BelSon vs @Karmadrome - you guys cool playing this game (same password) (has 24 instead of 48 hours to submit)
@Affordable_Desk vs @HULK - how does this game look to 'ya?


@HULK I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

That map is good with me, so I’ve joined in preparation.


Congratulations to @Karmadrome, I’ve jumped into that game you set up @HULK, rattling off my first move shortly.


@BelSon if you’re happy with the map, I’m ready when you are.


I have updated the first post with the results from the first round robin and the games for the second one.

@Affordable_Desk and I are off to a fast start already!


@Affordable_Desk and I had a fast & furious fight … but the Jolly Green Giant prevailed by doing what he does best - HULK SMASH! :wink:

Let me know @BelSon & @Karmadrome if you want to wait until your game (which looks pretty close) is done before we start the final around of round-robin games.


I’m happy to start the next round, as I think our current game will run for a while.


@Karmadrome - sent you a PM with 3 options.

@Affordable_Desk and @BelSon - two choices for your game - same password:
https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6036051958431744 (good middle fighting)
https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/5251532091293696 (more spread out)
No rush if you guys aren’t ready.


I’d like to hold off for a little while on the next game until I have an idea of how my current game is going to end. @Affordable_Desk feel free to choose one and join it, I don’t care which map (although I think my strategy will work better with stronger chokepoints).


All good @BelSon … and HEY, put some HULK SMASH on @Karmadrome! :wink: