October/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps: Turn-Based


I’ll do my best!

I’m five stars up and have double the science, but I’m lacking in industry and ships on the board. The techs:


FYI that @Karmadrome and I have started our round #3 game …


@BelSon I’ll grab the second one, just jump in when you’re ready but I’m in no rush you can finish your game first.


@Affordable_Desk I’ve joined. Let’s get this game rolling!


Good job @Affordable_Desk and @BelSon - have updated first post.

After an initial fast & furious set of turns (I think both of us fail at NP Anonymous!), we are already 3 cycles in. @Karmadrome went heavier on Indy and is pulling ahead in ship count due to that plus superior play … whereas my investment in Science don’t seem to have done too much since we are even in Tech except I have B2 versus B1.

I score him with a slight lead at this point - if he just make a damn mistake to help me out! :wink:
How about about another Industry & Science on your home star @Karmadrome ?!?


A very frenetic start. I think it’s pretty even, to close to call at this stage.
The map is just crazy! There are no comfortable zones.
I think any mistakes are likely to be punished severely in this one…


Ditto what @Karmadrome said - truly a crazy map with attacks up-down pretty much all across the map, plus opportunities to shoot across. I made some lucky guesses and (my read) is I now have a slight lead … but that could easily swing back. A very challenging and fun game against a worthy opponent - I have to be VERY careful since if I make a mistake, @Karmadrome will pounce on it!

Am hoping before he makes his next move, he cracks open a bottle of Jameson and drains it … :wink:


I’ve been playing a little slow over the past few days – been extra busy with university assignments. Should be back to playing regularly in a day or so.


No sweat - stuff happens. @Karmadrome and I slowed down a bit as both of us had some RL stuff come up … but we still got at least a turn/day in … and my schedule opens up tomorrow … so I’m bringing on the full HULK SMASH! :wink:

It’s actually really cool we have gotten as many games/rounds in considering we started less than 2 weeks ago - good job everyone submitting.


No problem @BelSon the slow down has been welcome with the two games running in parallel. It allowed the Karma Army time to plan and execute a major offensive on @HULK who has been in full on Hulk Smash mode so far.
Too early to say whether it’s stopped the onslaught or just caused an inconvenience…


The Karma Army is being a MAJOR inconvenience!


FYI FWIW that I decided to throw caution to the wind and made a bold all-in move across the middle of the map from right to left. I was able to score a couple of stars in Karma’s neck of the woods, but it cost me … was already behind in ship count, and now over 200+ down. But I should be able to inflict some damage for him to reclaim, and hopefully I can hold on as I’ve got a 75-50 lead in star count … but that is mis-leading as it is still anyone’s ballgame.


I conceded.


Thanks for playing @Affordable_Desk and hope you had fun.

I have updated the first post to show that @BelSon has won. He is still battling @Karmadrome who appears to have the upper hand. And the other active game is mine against @Karmadrome … which is a wild one! :wink:


I am indeed still fighting @Karmadrome, and this battle is turning out to be a fierce one. While I am behind on both ships and stars, I’m ahead on tech and economy and I’ve so far successfully stopped my demise…


I also just resigned against @Karmadrome. He had managed to get a large fleet of ships around my front and was starting to assault my side. With his lead in star and ship count, even if I minimised damage, it would give him an unstoppable lead. Overall, I feel I played too defensively that game, and took massive risks when smaller and safer risks were available. Good game @Karmadrome.


Tight game that one. I thought I had it won earlier in the game, but @belson kept me at bay and it became a bit of a stalemate until I managed to get around the flanks.
Good game.


Glad to hear it was a good game - first post updated.

So last game to play is the ongoing battle between myself and @Karmadrome - both are undefeated in this round-robin tournament.

He beat me last time … so I’m hoping to return the favor this time! :wink:


It’s not looking good for the Karma Army. @HULK seems to be employing mystical forces to conjure up huge numbers of fanatical marines and drop them on key Karma Stars. Reports from inside occupied territory suggest conditions are harsh… On the upside volunteers for the Karma Army are at an all time high, so reinforcements are on their way!


Actually @Karmadrome, the stars we have liberated from your iron rule have welcomed the Jolly Green Giants as there are countless reports of inhumane suffering inflicted upon the peaceful populace by your heartless armies.

We will continue our relentless crusade for a free galaxy! :wink: