October/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps: Turn-Based


So the galaxy is free again as the Jolly Green Giant has prevailed.

But because both of us went undefeated in round-robin play, I suggested to @Karmadrome that we play two-outa-three … so I’m up “1-0” and here’s the link to our 2nd game.

The galactic comms are already a-twitter with the inhumane atrocities that @Karmadrome is inflicting on peaceful stars as he enslaves their peaceful populations for his nefarious war machine.


Oh man the @HULK propaganda machine is up and running! As everyone knows the Karma Army are liberators, bringing peace and tranquility to the galaxy. The only ones who should fear us are the oppressors…

Game 2 is underway, hopefully can overcome the evil oppressors and take it to the final game.


@Karmadrome’s “iron fist” rule has been successful so far in enslaving countless civilizations to support his war effort in game #2 which is already at tick #174! While I lead in star count, he is way ahead in Industry and ship count … and barring a miracle, that galaxy will swing to the dark side.

So we have started our rubber match to determine the winner of the October/2018 1v1 tournament.


So in game #2, I basically warp gated a buncha of stars and tried to make a play for @Karmadrome core … but didn’t quite have enough ships. Even if I had taken it, I would have been to weak (half his ships) that I was toast anyway. But it was fun trying!

The rubber match game is off to a fast start … I’ve got a lead in stars again, but @Karmadrome leads in ships and industry again … ummmmmm … lets hope it turns out differently this time! :wink:


We are 7 Cycles (168 ticks) into the rubber match and it is a doozy!

@Karmadrome has been leading in Industry and Ships … but I made a daring HULK SMASH move into his territory on the West side and have so far been able to hold it despite a fierce counter-attack. The carnage is just as bad out East … and in the center, it’s like two prize-fighters circling each other looking for an opening.

A very enjoyable game and each time the turn ticks over, I check to make sure I didn’t do an “Oh Sh*t” mistake … because @Karmadrome will pounce on any boo-boo I do. I’ve got a slight lead in the stats (except he is still ahead in ships) and a better position - just hoping I can hold on and eventually capitalize on it!


@HULK has summarised it well, but I think has understated his advantage. I got a little complacent and tried to push ahead on my early advantage, only for @HULK to put me back in my place with a big smack down. Not yet terminal, but it’ll be tough to get back on even ground.


LOL ! Interesting strategy from HULK.


I don’t know much you can see @xjhdexter, but at Cycle8, I have slightly extended my lead … but am now closer to his core so a sh*tload of ships are coming my way. It’s funny how this games goes back-n-forth in waves … and I’m being extremely careful against a worthy foe.

I’ve had a couple of lucky moves - am going to win by one in the far East thanks to a double carrier sacrifice - may those Captains rest-in-peace for nobly sacrificing themselves for the greater green good! :wink:


Cycle 9 Update.

Eastern Sector Commander: We are under constant attack from the @Karmadrome infidels and our long range scanners indicate he has stooped to putting women and children in unprotected airlocks to incentivize the enslaved populace for fight on his behalf. We have lost a key star to the South and will lose another, but barely retake. But the incoming hordes will overwhelm our forces soon if reinforcements are not sent soon.

Western Sector Commander: Good progress is being made as we have captured several @Karmadrome stars and the word has spread about our peaceful practices, so the resistance has sprung up on the stars he still owns. We also continue to hold and reinforce HULK STRONGHOLD that is deep in his territory, although an increasing number of ships from his core system are coming into range. Progress will become more difficult.

Center Sector Commander: We continue to barely scrap by with minimal resources despite our repeated requests for Industry and ships. And WTF Hulk Headquarters with buying Dr. Bruce Banner all those shiny new test tubes?!? I need burly Green Space Marines … not pencil necked Science Geeks!


So to quote @Karmadrome, the HULK SMASH was “relentless” (had to be - if I let up for a milla-second, he’s back in the game!) and the Jolly Green Giant finally prevailed in a 12-cycle game that was incredibly intense - one of the best NP games I’ve played - thanks @Karmadrome for a fun time - you were a worthy opponent!

Plus it was gratifying to come back after you defeated me in the last tournament.

I’ve got some upcoming travel, but might set up another 1v1 tournament in December.


Well played @HULK that was an intense battle, in fact I think I need a rest!
I’ll be back for the next 1v1 in December.


My finals end the second week of December, I’ll be looking forward to the next tournament!