October/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

Yesiree Bob

Good to go

Ok by me too!

OK guys - games are all setup - see links below and password is “1v1”
Please review the parameters and also check the map - I had to toss quite a few, but I think these are all fairly decent.

I’m hoping there will be a clear 2-0 winner in the brackets … but if everyone goes 1-1, then we’ll probably do a retry and/or advance everyone.

Bracket #1: @bythejatz - @gaz123 - @Gruffler22
Game 1A: @bythejatz vs @gaz123 - game link
Game 1B: @bythejatz vs @Gruffler22 - game link
Game 1C: @gaz123 vs @Gruffler22 - game link

Bracket #2: @Gwimweeper - @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS - @HULK
Game 2A: @Gwimweeper vs @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS - game link
Game 2B: @Gwimweeper vs @HULK - game link
Game 2C: @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS vs @HULK - game link

Note that with a round-robin, you can play TWO games at once … and I’d encourage you to consider doing this in order to keep things moving. But as always, RL, is more important than NP, so whatever works best for you. Note that I set the time to submit to be 48 hours (in case something comes up) but hopefully it will be much quicker than that. I.e. if your submit advances the turn, try to make your moves and submit … so it’s always a two-fer!

I see the Bracket #1 is already in full carnage mode!

@Gwimweeper and I have started out game … and we are waiting for @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS to join to get the last two games going.

Sorry m8s - I will have time to prioritize this and push out many turns tomorrow.

RL ?
NP ?

RL= Real Life
NP = Neptune’s Pride

nah doggs- it’s clearly:



LOL @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS on your definition of RL/NP … :wink:

BTW, I see you have joined your game against @Gwimweeper - don’t forget you and I have a game to play … but cool if you want to wait a bit before starting.

@Gwimweeper just conceded in his game against me so I’ve updated the first post.
It was a really tough map - lots of crappy stars, so challenging to get some traction, but with a bit of HULK SMASH (!), I was able to finally get the upper hand.

Thanks @Gwimweeper for a scrappy game.

bythejatz has trounced me in Game 1A :smirk::smirk::smirk:

@HOUSEBOAT_THANGS chose to play as BULK … against HULK … so it was the battle of the ULK’s … and one of them just won! :wink:

Good game.

FYI that I have been updating the first post with the results … but the game between @gaz123 and @Gruffler22 has rolled off … so I don’t know who won - can one of you let me know.

@bythejatz and I are having a serious battle as we are 270 ticks into this game.

Glad to say, that was me!!

After almost 500 ticks, I finally vanquished @bythejatz … it quite the lengthy battle and a fun game!

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Even with a higher ship count, I couldn’t counter the superior play. Like a game of chess, some strategic pins applied at the right stars and I was locked in. Looking forward to more 1 on 1 games