Official tournaments?


I would like to start a tournament, I know at some point Jay will put it into the game, but there not in yet and I really want to play one but make it official?? So you will still be awarded the tournament badge… but obviously I cant make that happen, that is up to Jay.

If we could set up an official tournament we could have sign ups on the forum and decide on 2v2 teams before games starts and things.


looking for teammate pst


Should we make a signup thread??


There were some 1v1 tournaments back in 2015 - see the final thread here.

This was a blast - @Dysp ending up winning in a hard fought finale.

Note that it’s critical to have a “mirror’ed” galaxy so it’s a fair fight - maybe Jay can move this up on the todo list.

The Jolly Green Giant would love to play/SMASH, but will have very limited Internet Access for the next several weeks.


Yea, we set games like this for 1v1.

66% win victory
Circular galaxy - for 1v1 all this does is pushes stars into the centre, makes it more balanced.
Dark start off so that we can both agree its a fair start for both players, otherwise we just rebuild the map if someone does not like there starting position.
3 star start and hyperspace 2 at start?

I have been setting my 1v1 games like this.

But I was thinking about setting up a team based tournament as well as 1v1… we could set dark start off and choose teams on the forum before the game starts and then both teams can start opposite each other. But we would need to see how many people join and if they want to do team games or just 1v1.


Happy to support any official tournament with badges and things.

Just let me know what you need be to do and when.

Also happy to blast out posts on Twitter and facebook to try and round up players.