On Okeanos + Tethys (TB) :P


Having my first fun game in awhile.

I have been worked handling finances and studies, and finally can get to fucking around w/ a fun game and joking around.

I hope someone takes my bait.

I wait patiently :stuck_out_tongue:

Made a few messages out, fun shit.

Board as of 5:08 EST PM, 10/08/15.


Good luck!



Oh, hai pv55yD3str0y3r69 :stuck_out_tongue:



Hey frend


This is going to be a crazy game …


noob from space (QUIT) has conceded defeat! All remaining forces will be placed under AI Administration.

Who concedes on turn ZERO!? :expressionless:

More to the point, it’s turn based and a dark galaxy! Since the start of the game there has been no new information given out that should convince them to leave. I do not comprehend the decision!


2 people.

  1. The throwaway account created to get the game full and started.

  2. The non premium player who has found a second game he likes better.


It’s probably not 1 as the admin can force-start games before they are full. The places are auto-filled with AI’s named “Automation”. 2 is very possible.

The above screenshot shows he was the 22, 23 or 24th person to join. If he was the last person to join, he may have immediately quite because he felt the starting position was unfavourable. Maybe there should be a grace period before the game starts to allow the last player to quit if they change their mind about joining. Maybe 2-3 hours. During that time anyone can quit and the game will go back to waiting for players to join.

Another option for turn-based games only is to wait until everyone has committed their turn before starting. That is, the game will start as normal and count down to first turn-deadline. After reaching the deadline it will kick everyone who did not commit and go back to waiting for players.

Quitting immediately after starting a game

I really think that with turn based games you haven’t officially joined unless you’ve submitted your first turn.


I’m in the game and from this post looks like a lot of you heavy hitting players are too. Can’t wait. 24/24 TB is a crazy setup I’m not to good with.


The game has ended.

Good game everyone, and special thanks to my allies! Thanks to Hulk for speeding up the endgame.