Only in Darkness


Dark Galaxy, $500 cash, but you start with a 10 Economy, 10 industry, 4 science homestar. Rare, but cheap warp gates, medium distances

18 x 1h ticks between Production cycles,

Trade Scanned enabled; FAs enabled - all techs start at1 except Scan = 2… I can only see 1 other star, so the $500 is already spent on 3 Science, 5 Econ and only 1 carrier and 1 industry, Interesting strategy and tactics choices.

It’s a 32p game; with a lot of very strong players in it, but no multi-accounters so far.


I found the HWs in your custom map design.

Nice! I don’t think I’ve seen that pattern before.

Who won the game?

This map looks fun, would be curious to see a 3v3 or similar in such map!