Open game position

open seat - see last post

(seat filled)

map is iron crown,
difficulty is normal,
position is the bottom one,
situation is bad but may be able to hold until reinforcements show

“Situation is bad” – you’re right about that!!


map is watering hole
difficulty is normal
open position is the top left
global situation is fairly bad, but will probably be a win
local situation is mixed - an ironhide is attacking, but if that is defeated there is a large area to expand to

map is watering hole (same as last one)
difficulty is normal
open posistion is south east
global situation is bad, but probably winnable & somewhat stable
local situation is disastrous - anyone who joins will have to retreat to the nearby mountains and wait for dragons to come and help, but probably wont be wiped from game (only need to hold out for 1-2 days until mass dragons will start appearing)

map is celestial pools
difficulty is normal
open position is east elves
global position is good
local postilion is average (some urgent care needed with a 2k stack, then good)