Open Game


I haven’t played the classic beginner map Wildriver Run in a while, so I started an open game for it. This is also a lead-up to creating a hard-mode version of this game later in the week.

EDIT: Game full. Thank you for joining.


How does Hard difficulty change this map? Can it be beaten by beginners?


I don’t know. I have never played any multiplayer map on Hard before (I have played a couple of the single player maps that way). I have played this map many times on Normal (back before the maps rotated), and found it to be one of the easier maps (along with Queen’s Maul), so I’m hoping it’s also a good introductory Hard map (but I assume should still probably only be tried if you have some experience).

On that note though, the hard version of the game is up now:

EDIT: Game full.


Well, alrighty then… here’s my army list before the map has even started.


Well then. Do we still need any more players? You might have us covered already. :slight_smile:


Wow. How did you get so much down?


Luck of the draw really… (3x Serpent Charmers * 11 towns in range * 50 Gold) + 1000 Starting Gold = 2650 Gold. That let me drop about 1/3rd my deck before the game started.

I only have 4 Serpent Charmers in my whole deck.


Hey Dex, this game looks like it’s been deleted already. I can’t find it on the server.


Interesting… I wasn’t able to load it with the link here in the thread, but it definitely still exists.

EDIT: I wonder if Dex’s link is different because he is the admin? My link seems to work.


Currently, the difficulty settings are as follows:

  • Easy: 0 days head start for the Zombies, 2.5% spawn chance every 12 hours
  • Normal: 1 day, 5% spawn chance
  • Hard: 2 days, 7.5% spawn chance
  • Nightmare: 3 days, 10% spawn chance

Not sure about player loss conditions
Internal game mechanics/design/bugs tracking

the number is completely different. PEBCAK

edit: although it did reveal that we don’t have a good error message for when a game doesn’t exit. You just get stuck on the loading screen.


Woah. That is weird. I copied the URL out of my browser immediately after I created the game. I have since navigated away from the game and come back, and the URL matches what Eshal put later. I’ll have to pay more attention to that. Thanks both of you for pointing it out and correcting it.


Going into the FAQ!