Open Position: Watering Hole [filled]

Game: Blight of the Immortals
Difficulty: Normal
Open position is Humans in the Northwest.
Local position is a bit dubious but certainly holdable with a prompt replacement player.
Global position is good.

Im in, local position is dubious ?!? I like it :slight_smile:
will be able to take stock and give proper orders in an hour or two

New open position in the same game.

Position is Western Dwarves.
Local position is Bad. Will likely have to flee to the north, but reinforcements are on the way.
Global position is Okay; the eastern hemisphere is just about finished and Dragons are headed West to help out.

I’m in!

Bumping this because 1 spot just opened up. The spot open has 0 settlements and only 1 unit, a Shaman Priestess. If you want to help, it would bee great if someone could use the Shaman Priestess to burn a lot of bodies around it to help stop the zombies over running the map.