Optimise Your Shape!


As someone said recently:

Fri 28 Aug 4:38
2 AnnanFay
Take a look at the AFK/QUIT players. You will find an astonishing pattern.

Firstly that Hexagons have the lowest number at 1 of 8, well ahead of Circle’s second best 3/8.

The second interesting pattern is based upon colours. You should find that the only colour group which has no AFK/QUIT is Majestic Orange.

Thus we can safely conclude that an Orange Hexagon is the optimal style!

Fri 28 Aug 4:51
2 AnnanFay
Seems to apply to other games as well. Here’s a little graphic for a 64 game I am currently playing:

http://i.imgur.com/PbV4AAk.png (Blurry = AFK, Grayscale = QUIT)

Oblong, square and circle are by far the worst shapes. Blue is pretty much the worst colour. It’s weird how consistent it is, the only two Blue players are Hexagon and Cross, which, along with star, make up the best shapes.

For the record, here is our current status: http://i.imgur.com/EkqaZ3U.png

As an update to the above, game status is ~6 players left of which 3 are hexagons and 3 are orange. There is a fourth Hexagon hanging on with 1 star remaining (#NeverSurrender #F7)

In the 64 game mentioned above the top 10 are 4 hexagons and 4 cyan.

All of this is obviously anecdotal. It would be really interesting to see more data on the subject.

Have you seen any patterns like the above?
Do you take shape or colour into account when picking allies?

My current theory is Circles are at the top of the list so lazy people, or newbs, pick the shape. Hexagons are obviously the best shape, so maybe people who join first will pick them and are also more likely to be active in the game. In order to discredit this theory we would need to have data about join order.


Wow. Totally changes my tactics for who to attack first. Thanks!


What Rosslessness said. If we can determine a pattern, we know who to go after first.

In the 32 player game I’m in, I’ve noticed purple hexagon doing great, while other colors and shapes, particularly a couple circles if I’m not mistaken, went AFK very quickly.

Oddly enough though, in most 64s I’ve been in, hexagon players die off quick. The strongest shapes usually end up being the plus/shamrock/cross shape. There’s always been at least two or three strong plus empires in all four or so of my 64s, with squares dominating with the biggest empires, even if they don’t always win. Circles and triangles are almost nonexistent.

I should catalog the data sometime as well to help compile join order and performance pattern data.


Heh, this is quite interesting.

In the 32-player forum Pirate game currently under-way, the 6 early quiters/AFKers are:
2 pink, 2 purple, 1 red, and 1 orange (sorry to blow your orange theory!)
1 square, 2 triangles, and 3 circles - so looks like you’re bang on the money re circles and hex!

To my mind, what’s more pertinent are the player’s account stats. From those same 6 quiters/AFKers as above:
Only 1 has a premium account
Only 1 has a victory
3 of them have no rank at all
4 of them have no renown at all


In “Quick or Dead”, which is premium, TB, pw-protected 16 players, of the AFK there are 4 circles and 2 squares.

In “Little Boxes” which is TB, 16 players, there are also 4 circles and 2 squares. About 50/50 premium/regular.

However, 16 player games apparently generate only circles or squares? Probably not a great test.

fwiw, it is my impression that quit rates are not materially different between open games and premium only games.