Option to Mulligan


It’s no fun to start a game with one goblin settlement and have drawn mostly orc cards.

I’d love to see an option to mulligan at the beginning of the game like in MTG or Hearthstone.

MTG style would be that you could ditch your whole hand and draw a new one (maybe at the cost of drawing one less card)

Hearthstone, which might be better for decks with such limited #'s of cards, would be that you could set aside cards cards in your hand you didn’t want, draw new ones then shuffle the discarded cards in.

Maybe it’s something only available in single player?


Sounds like a good idea. It can be quite a nuisance when you can’t use most of your hand until several days in.
Perhaps another idea is that, instead of being given a hand, you can draw cards from a certain race from your hand.
So at the start you begin with an empty hand, and can then decide to draw a couple of goblin cards, see what they are and possibly play them, and then draw some other cards you might need in the future.
That way you would have more control over your hand, while still being given a semi-random hand.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll have a think about how it could be implemented.


You can currently pay 2 valour to draw a card from your deck if that helps.


I’ve done this a fair bit (use the valour for cards mechanic) to help with the situation, but that is rough early game where I tend to need that valour for towns. I think this problem is what makes the “Charming Rogue” card so valuable to me. I would be in favor of seeing something to help your opening hand draw, but that’s it. If it can help your hand draw after that point (aside from the already existing valour cost mentioned), then I feel it would hurt the benefit taking a Charming Rogue.

Maybe look at the race types of your starting towns and throw in some RNG favor for cards of those types in your opening hand? After that you really have to capture another race’s town (however long it takes) to be able to play the other race cards you brought. If want to prevent this being a problem, don’t bring a mixed deck; just focus your deck on your starting race(s)?


I agree with Dex. The first day or so, before you’re engaging pretty frequently in combat, valor is very difficult to come by, and typically needs to be used for claiming some towns.

Esp. if card limits get implemented, you’ll find that a solid opening hand makes all the difference. Cards like Young Wolf Pup Handler are so valuable early game, and lose a lot of their value as the game goes on.

Maybe a Mulligan costs some of your initial mana, gold, or valor, but I think some way to better balance what happens when you draw all the cards that aren’t your starting race.


I mentioned it in the thread about limiting the number of cards you can play in a settlement to only every 6 hours that you should be able to pick a “starting army” in that case, as players would have a difficult time getting momentum going in the early game.
This would also solve this issue, as you would be able to select which cards you would like to have in your first settlement.


I think an option to mulligan is not crazy at all. I will add it to the list of TODOs!