Option to not show who has submitted turn

We’re playing a game among friends who all know each other. We have a meta conversation thread on facebook where we all heckle each other about the game, especially who has and hasn’t submitted turns. We don’t want to give away our game identities (we’re having a great time staying in character and not knowing who the other is) but we want to make sure to heckle people who haven’t submitted their turns in a timely fashion.

That said, I think an option for “blind turn submission” would be hugely beneficial for situations like this. What I mean is, instead of check marks next to people who have submitted turns, put a number of people who have submitted (“5 of 8”, or something). That way we can all check in and say that we’ve submitted without worrying about our game identities being revealed. It may not be a super common use case, but it would be useful for “LAN party” type games where everyone knows everyone else IRL.


I don’t understand how submitting would reveal your identity. Just don’t tell people in Facebook that you have submitted.

Better yet, wait till somebody else submits, then go to facebook and pretend you have.

Hey Jay -

I’d argue that heckling your friends is one of the more fun aspects of any game. If you’ve submitted your turn and you’re just waiting and waiting and it’s taking a long time and you just want someone to play their turn, if you heckle that person’s handle, you’re obviously not that person. After enough times of heckling people to play their turns, it becomes obvious who is who. I’d just like an option that instead of a checkmark next to everyone who has submitted, a blind number (eg: “3 of 8 turns submitted”) so that you can go and heckle people who haven’t submitted their turns yet. You can admit to submitting your turn without penalty in this fashion and just have people check in when they have so you know who to heckle.

I’m not sure if you’ve open-sourced this code or not, but if you have, I’d be more than happy to implement this feature for you and submit a pull request.