Order of research and battles


I could have sworn I saw something about this on the forums before but just did a search and hasn’t yielded any results.

Looks like when you progress a level in weapons, you don’t get the immediate benefit of that if you fight a battle on the same tick. In the below example I just obtained level 6 weapons but they didn’t come in to play for a battle which occurred on the same tick… even though the event log shows that weapon breakthrough occurring first.:


Research occurs after combat.


So hopefully Jay fixes the email notification sequences.


Sorry, I will fix one day!

edit: also I think it would be more fun if you did get the weapons for the combat. I don’t remember why its the other way around. I will have to look a the code and see if there was a good reason for it.


I agree, if it says “weapons research due in 8 hours” then I think it’s nice to be able to use immediately - I like to micro-manage my tech research =)


Well, you do not know who owns the stars until after combat, so you do not know how much RP is produced from those SCI until you know who owns the stars.

I try to plan my combats for 1 tick after I know I will gain my next Weapons tech.
I work around it.