Order of ship's movements

Hello there, i’ve been looking in the game rules and FAQ but couldn’t find the answer to my question, so i’m gonn ask it here : what makes the game choose in which order boats from the different players move?
For exemple if 2 players have a boat 1 tile away from where they both want to settle a city, what makes one of those boats move 1st and settle while the other has just played a useless move?
This game (and the 2 others) is great, sad that they’re so underrated. Hope you’ll keep making true strategy games like these.
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Pretty sure that they roll a die, or flip a coin (i forget which, same mechanic–random) and the winner gets the move.
They do the same thing with just moving ships onto an empty tile (water or lumber/metal tiles (with ballooner).
If that’s not it, maybe they attack each other, and if one of them is sunk/grappled the other moves onto the settlement while the other stays put.
80% chance it’s the first one, 4% chance it’s the second one.
Hope this helps!

Yes, I can’t remember the exact mechanic, but essentially its random.

Thanks for your answers !