Order question, combat if leaving and arriving at same tick?

Sorry, I found several topics dealing with order of events. Here and in FAQ in Neptuns Pride. But I still wonder, if in a turn-based game I leave exactly when an enemy flet arrives does a combat happen?

Here FAQ:

  • All carriers move, and if they complete a jump they do garrison transfers.
  • There is a combat at every star with enemy carriers in orbit. The winner claims the star.

Which means to me my carrier is gone before combat so no combat. But players disagree.

If you are leaving the same tick the enemy carrier arrives then there will be combat. If you leave the turn before no combat.

Thank’s a lot for your answer. I mean that sincerely.

It is a pity that I found out the same thing, about 15min before your answer in my game. I have now wiped out another player.

I would propose to change the FAQ. Because that was what I did trust and clearly the carriers do not move in this case before combat starts.

I suggest that read this previous post.

When you select a carrier, it may jump on its own star many times. You can compare your carrier flight plan vs the arriving carrier, then adjust your own carrier flight plan accordingly.

If there are conflicting carriers at a star at the same time, then there will be combat.

What xjhdexter says, is also what FAQ seems to say. I care about those 2 points:

1 All carriers move. Arrivals at stars are determined.
2 Combat is resolved. Ownership of stars are determined.

If all movements really would be done before combat, then if I am leaving at the same time as an enemy carrier arrives, I would be gone before combat. But this seems not to be the case, so I conclude MOVE in this context is not really before COMBAT.

I am at hour 0. Tell my carrier to leave at hour 4. Another carrier is sceduled to arrive at hour 4. What would happen:


  • enemy carrier arrives
  • my carrier leaves (is not here anymore)


  • combat resolution: no fight, as only enemy carrier is at star

I think the way the problem is resolved makes sense, because it makes sense a leaving carrier fighting an incoming carrier, I just had a problem with the FAQ phrasing and here also

1 All carriers move. Arrivals at stars are determined.
2 Combat is resolved. Ownership of stars are determined.

because if I just pretend being a processing system doing this no combat will happen. So the truth here seems to be a little more complex.

No need from my side to really resolve that question in detail.

I might be misunderstanding what you guys are intending to say, but if you leave the same turn another carrier arrives, there is no combat.

For example, if i want to give a star to an ally, then i could wait until the tick before his carrier arrives (ie eta 0h *m) then tell my carrier to leave the star. When the tick calculates my ships leave and his ships arrive and claim the star.

If you want to set it up ahead of time, have your carrier repeatedly travel to it’s own star until one tick before the other carrier is to arrive (ie friendly incoming carrier has eta 5h36m, so you have your “arrive” at the star at 4h36m before traveling to another star in range. Would look like this in game, with the friendly carrier arriving in 5h58m: