Original NP


Hi all
Have been away from the game for a couple of years, just wondering whether the original NP is still available? Had a great few games on it but don’t seem to see it and a google search doesn’t show up either. TIA.


Jay might have moved the original NP, but I do not know where.

In the mean time, you could play the new version of NP2 Triton


Yep, am already in one of the beginner games to check it out. Looks like a lot more strategy to learn in this, esp in the research areas!


The basic game is pretty much the same. Apart from the techs changes, check out warp gates (allows you to upgrade stars to travel between them faster - but watch out because your enemies can also take advantage of them) and cool stuff like looping carrier orders.

You also have dark galaxy games where the galaxy is shrouded until you explore, and formal alliances.

Triton is also portable device friendly.

There’s not too much point in playing NP1 any more (if you even can)


No worries. Ive been playing the new version and have got quite used to it. Working out the tech though and the 3 extras and how to use them. Though wep focus is always useful. A question though, why was the speed upgrade removed?


IIRC, NP1 had 4 technologies, Scanning, Hyperspace Range, carrier Speed, and Weapons.

Here in NP2, Jay added Banking, Experimentation, Terraforming, and Manufacturing, but I do not know why he removed Speed.

Jay did add the ability to buy Warp Gates at stars though. Some game settings can be toggled to enable or disable buying WG at stars.


I removed speed because the game used to get so fast that, at the end of a big game, your entire empire could be taken while you sleep.


Thanks Jay. Makes sense, though i wonder if the current game might be a bit slow? Perhaps speed could come back but not be a doubling or exponential growth. Maybe it could increase slowly, e.g. 0.1 LY per level? This would speed up the later game a bit but still keep it slow enough to avoid what you say above.


Warp gates are used to speed up the end game, and they’re cool because you get to chose where to put them.